The Weakerthans

Since I've been slacking more than usual lately, today you get, drumroll please...another artist feature SUPERPOST! Woo! (I'm excited, are you excited?)

The Weakerthans are a band from Winnipeg currently signed with Epitaph and (hopefully) working on their next album. Like I said before, they make punk influenced (frontman John Samson used to be in Propagandhi, back in the day) folk rock, with a lot of emphasis put on Samson's compelling lyrics. They started out with a bit rougher, folk punkier sound, and have since taken, for lack of a better term, more of a chilled out indie rock route, with higher production value that doesn't really take away from the small, hometown, backwoods, wistful youth sound that they so often evoke. I mentioned before that this is music perfect for the current fall season; contemplative without being preoccupied, introspective without being self-absorbed. I could go on, but I think I've made my point. The Weakerthans are a band you need to know.

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