Mixtape: Is There Always Hope?

Fall is fully upon us, winter's a half step away, and it's proving itself to be an excellent time to pose this question.

So...is there?

Title: Is There Always Hope?
Length: 1:06:39

Side 1: Dreaming of You (Rushing Up to Me)

1. Pink Floyd - "Pigs on the Wing (Part Two)"
2. The Fashion - "Letters From the Ambulance"
3. My American Heart - "The Shake (Awful Feeling)"
4. Edna's Goldfish - "Story"
5. Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Minor Thing"
6. Radiohead - "Life in a Glass House"
7. Bombay Bicycle Club - "Cancel on Me"
8. Harvey Danger - "Jack the Lion (Live)"

Side 2: Pretty Weeds

1. Youth Group - "Daisychains"
2. The Fall of Troy - "Webs"
3. Passion Pit - "Swimming in the Flood"
4. Nada Surf - "Blizzard of '77"
5. Elliott Smith - "Angel in the Snow"
6. The Get Up Kids - "Campfire Kansas"
7. The Mountain Goats - "Ezekiel 7 and the Permanent Efficacy of Grace"
8. Piebald - "It's Going to Get Worse Before it Gets Better"
9. Weezer - "Perfect Situation"
10. Pink Floyd - "Pigs on the Wing (Part One)"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bombay Bicycle Club is great stuff. And you picked their best song too.
Cheers to a great mixtape.