Get Set Go - Ordinary World (2005)

Sorry about the lack of posts; it's been a long, long week

Anyway, I've been meaning to post Get Set Go's other albums for ages, and someone recently requested that I do so as well, so I figured I should get around to doing it; this is their second album, is largely acoustic and folksy, and centers around singer-songwriter Mike TV's battles with drug addiction; it has the wonderfully amusing and insightful lyrics that we can always expect from this band, and the happy-sound-with-depressing-lyrics combo that makes this band either an upper or a downer, depending on what you want them to be


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Mike said...

Hey Atom! I was googling a photo I could throw up on my twitter page and this post showed up. Very kind of you. I'm glad you dig the music. I'll try to drop in from time to time and see what other musics you're turning people on to.

Warm Regards,

Mike TV

Mike said...

Actually, I have no idea why I called you Atom, Twee. Sorry about that. I think I've gone mad. *shame-faced*

Twee said...

Mike! It's really cool of you to stop by and make a post here, it makes my night to know artists are cool with sites like this.

I do love the tunes, man. Keep it up.