Get Set Go - Selling Out & Going Home (2007)

This band needs some more fucking attention; they play funny (but not comedy) singer-songwriter-esque alternative rock, perhaps somewhat in the vein of early Weezer but with the nerdiness replaced by choruses like "You look pretty cool / I think I wanna fuck you / I do! I do! I do! / I wanna fuck you hard", but they also have a sweet side, with lines like "You are the song that I sing without knowing the words / you are the song that I sing that no one has heard before"; these guys are one of my favorite bands and it's sad that more people don't know them, so check 'em out


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Anonymous said...

Great pick - Reminds me a little of Josh Homme's stuff.
Thanks for the great links!

Anonymous said...

this is awesome music - having a tough time tracking down their other albums...you holding?