The Matches Demos and Misc

Thanks for liquidy for sending this stuff to me.

This is a collection of a bunch of non-album Matches tracks. Stuff from comps and splits, as well as some demos from when they were still called the Locals. The one thing I know it's missing is the track "Didi", which has proven very difficult to find; if you have it and could send it my way, that would be muuuucho appreciated. I know I've been doing a lot of Matches posts, but chances are this will be the last one for a while (unless they pop an album on us this year, which I hope they do).


Bodysnatchers (Radiohead Cover)
A Girl I Know
Got the Time
Sick Little Suicide (Acoustic)
Shoot Me in the Smile (Acoustic)
I Hope it Gets to You (Demo)
Learn to Fly (Demo)
Never Learn (Demo)
Superman (Demo as the Locals)
Eryn Smith (Demo as the Locals, different lyrics)
Nothing Gets Better (Demo as the Locals)
People on the Block (Demo as the Locals)
Boston (Demo as the Locals, early version of Chain Me Free)
MSG (Demo as the Locals)
Selma (Demo as the Locals)
The Beast (Demo as the Locals)

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Liquidy said...

I find demos hard to enjoy at times, quality-wise, but this stuff is great. You can really see their reggae/ska-punk upbringing in this.