By Surprise / Hightide Hotel Split 7" (2009)

As promised, here is the brand new split between these two indiemo (I hope that term doesn't catch on, it's kinda stupid) groups; if you're familiar with Hightide Hotel, you know this is worth checking out, and they're certainly the reason I bought this release, but By Surprise was, well, a surprise; they really stood out and impressed me with their three tracks on this 7" (they're also more on the punk side of things than Hightide); also, I included some scans of the sleeve and insert in the download, because I felt like it

You guys NEED NEED NEED to go buy a copy of this, not only because it's only 5 bucks, and not only because these bands totally deserve your cash, but because both of these bands have very bright futures, and they're only pressing 300 of these things, so if you let that indie cred slip through your fingers you'll be kicking yourself forever

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1 comment:

Rob said...

just came across this.. thanks so much for the review.
it makes me feel like I've done something good.

-rob wilcox | by surprise