Harvey Danger - Dead Sea Scrolls (2009)

Well, it's been six weeks since this Seattle alternative rock band played their last ever show, and it sinks in more every day how much that sucks; their breakup is almost the most upsetting one of 2009 for me

You probably know this band as the guys who did "Flagpole Sitta" back in the 90s ("I'm not sick but I'm not well", yeah, that song), but they matured so far beyond that label of 'one-hit wonder', and this final release - a collection of studio demos, covers, unreleased tracks, and live recordings - showcases that perfectly; their clever lyrics, their tight, refined musicianship, their balls-out rockers and their contemplative 'slow songs' all can be found here, which makes this last release as good a place as any to start introducing yourself to their music; if you've never given Harvey Danger a chance, now's the time to start

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Anonymous said...

Track 3 is corrupt :(

Twee said...

New link posted, it should work now.

Robert said...

Thanks a ton for this. I am a HUGE HD fan and recently got into them... as in too recently to see them live. I couldn't find this anywhere... Thanks a ton. I'm now following this blog for this and noticing that Manchester Orchestra is on heavy rotation... Nice!

Anonymous said...