GUILTY PLEASURE WEEK: Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon (2001)

Yeah that's right, I'm doing two posts a day during Guilty Pleasure Week, because seven albums just isn't going to fucking cut it for me. I've got a lot of musical skeletons in my closet. Deal with it.

Brand New's debut is easily one of the bitchinest pop-punk/emo albums in recent memory, or if I'm being even more honest, ever. "Mix Tape" and "Jude Law and a Semester Abroad" are pretty much the definition of 'the shit', and anyone who has a pulse knows it. In face, there's no reason anyone should feel guilty about loving this album. Download this motherfucker and blast it with pride out of your junky little rice rocket that I know you drive, and if anyone tries to give you shit, just get in their face with "YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS CAUSE WE'RE YOUNG AND IN LOVE!". That'll show 'em. Rock and roll, bitches, rock and fuckin' roll.

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