Over Stars and Gutters - Consider This Your Curse (2009)

Here's the debut full-length album by Norman, Oklahoma (woo, locals!) group Over Stars and Gutters, who play gruff-as-fuck melodic punk rock that likes to walk the line between hardcore and pop-punk; think Jawbreaker, Dillinger Four, Alkaline Trio, and all that fun stuff

They self-released this album earlier in the year, and it's getting a re-release next year, so for that they've got it up on bandcamp with a name-your-price deal set up, so go check it out and help out some great up-and-comers

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Anonymous said...

is the file broken for other people as well?

Anonymous said...

yeah, track 7 is corrupt.

Twee said...

Sorry about that guys, new link up.

Anonymous said...