Motion City Soundtrack

Alrighty. I didn't really plan on doing an artist feature post for these dudes, but I uploaded all their albums last night and I decided to post them all at once. They're just a tiny bit more successful than the artists who have actually asked me to post their music on the blog, so clearly this post isn't sponsored by the band or label (if you're an Epitaph rep and you're reading this, please don't sue me, that wouldn't be cool).

Motion City Soundtrack is currently a five-piece pop-punk/powerpop band out of Minneapolis. In my experience, a lot of people seem to write these guys off as "just another emo rock band" or whatever, but they really are a cut above most of the other bands they get associated with. And more importantly than any of that, they're a lot of fun, and at the end of the day, isn't that what matters? If you're looking for a starting place, I would probably recommend Commit This to Memory, but all three albums are great.

By the way, if you haven't noticed, I've been posting a lot of pop-punk and such lately. That's because it's summer, which means I actually stop being a mopey asshole for a few months. Get used to it.


Anonymous said...

lol, this is every scene kid's favorite band...wow.

Twee said...

You clearly don't know many scene kids :)

Audiophile said...

Scene kids?
No way, I love Motion City Soundtrack. They're just easy to listen to, and really easy to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Even if It Kills Me got a little to scene kiddy for my tastes, HOWEVER, Commit This to Memory was a damn good album.