Under the Influence of Giants - Under the Influence of Giants (2006)

"Meet me in the clouds / let me work it out / don't you take it personal"

You probably haven't found yourself wishing you could find a band who spends too much time listening to their old Bee Gees records, but if you have, you're in luck with Under the Influence of Giants; this self-titled debut isn't exactly a disco album (some tracks are though, especially the semi-hit single "Mama's Room"), but more of an indie pop release with lots of synths and smooth, new wave-ish grooves layered under high-pitched vocals about love affairs and sex; there hasn't been much news about this band's activities since 2006, and it's generally assumed that they're unofficially broken up, and their members have embarked on a number of solo projects (which their myspace is pretty much solely a vehicle to promote, at this point)

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Anonymous said...

It won't let me add the album into my iTunes.. Wtf.

Twee said...

I think there might be something wrong with the files themselves, will re-up.