Softlightes - Say No to Being Cool Say Yes to Being Happy (2007)

If you listen to nothing else that I've posted, listen to "The Microwave Song" on this album from this really overlooked electro-indie-pop band. Say No to Being Cool Say Yes to Being Happy starts out pretty mellow but then blasts into a really upbeat danceable track called "The Robots in My Room Were Playing Arena Rock" (come on, you HAVE to want this now), and it only gets better from there

Summer is here bitches, and you're probably going to be spinning this a lot for the next few months (I know I am)


Try It


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestions. These are some great tracks. I liked "The Ballad Of Theodore and June". It creates images of being in a mid-summer romance, not that I would know what that is.

Anonymous said...

This is a great suggestion you posted.