Artist Feature: The Imaginaries

The Imaginaries are a Canadian band who play Pavement-esque lo-fi singer-songwriter indie rock music. In the studio (bedroom?) everything is recorded by Jackson Fishauf; when performing live, they're a full band.

Despite forming the band only a short time ago, Fishauf has already recorded a formidable body of work, including ten albums and a number of singles. Aside from Pavement, who has already been mentioned, I would highly recommend his work to fans of Bob Dylan, the Velvet Underground, Silver Jews, and all similar artists, as well as anyone who enjoys good acoustic rock music.

I encourage you to visit their official website, where you can find all the download links contained in this post (as well as the rest of their discography), news about the band, information on upcoming shows, and links to purchase their music and merchandise.

A small selection from their catalog to get you started:

A big thanks to Jackson Fishauf and everyone else involved with the Imaginaries, both for making great music, and for allowing it to be freely downloaded and enjoyed by all. Keep up the great work. To everyone else, remember to support independent music as much as you can; a little bit can go a long way.

Artist features may or may not become a regular occurrence on Watch the Tapes. Only time can tell. If you are an artist, and you would like me to feature your music here, just contact me either at last.fm (username FinalPizzaHut), somewhere on this blog, or at finalpizzahut@yahoo.com.


Anonymous said...

you've got to be kidding me

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: I would start with Jac's Milk.

Twee said...

Agreed with Anonymous#2, I probably should have put the links in the opposite order

Anonymous said...

You still could. Listening to Jac's Milk or Another Side, it's pretty rough hearing the first few albums.